Feminists of Kyiv


Feminists of Kyiv is a media project that was founded in 2019 by Kyiv-based activist Bozhena Makovska. Right after that, Maryna Isaieva joined the team as a translator and Michael Tulsky as a photographer and filmmaker. We decided to create an English-language website to publish interviews with Kyiv feminists in order to advance their views, activism, and recent projects.

Our main goal is to set up connections between feminists from Kyiv and feminists from other cities all over the world. We define our mission as the reinforcement of the global feminist movement by involving the Kyiv feminists’ local community in it. We also want to increase the representation of women, trans and non-binary people and make Ukrainian feminists visible in the present history.

The media is completely independent. We do not receive financial support from the institutions, and all members of our team work on a volunteer basis. You can support us with a monthly subscription on Patreon!

Our Team

Bozhena Makovska

Founder, editor-in-chief

Maryna Isaieva

Translator, editor

Michael Tulsky

Co-founder, visuals & IT

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