Feminist and Queer Defenders of Ukraine
Feminist and Queer Defenders of Ukraine
On grassroots activism, mutual aid, and solidarity in the context of war
On leftist activism, humanitarian aid, and Kyiv during the war
On grassroots feminist activism in the midst of war in Ukraine
On how they support IDPs and the army in Ukraine with vegan food
On being nonbinary, TikTok and performance about abuse
Solidarity action with Polish women in Kyiv
Christina Rupp and Kate Sapsai on their comics about abuse
against gender-based violence
On Pride, queer, and freedom to be yourself
On women's electronic music scene and exploration of the sound
On gender studies, radical attacks, and relationship with her body
On modern art, empowerment and precariat
On socialist modernism, fashion and far-right violence


On the Journey of Gender Transitioning
On gender-based violence in Ukraine